Who We Are

Anchor Heritage is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) established in 2015 for the purpose of:

Mission Statement

Giving Anchor to the captives without a voice by enhancing justice and a beautiful heritage in God.


To see every individual have equal and un-restricted access to justice.

The Legal Aid System

Black’s Law Dictionary defines it as Free or inexpensive advice, assistance or representation concerning the law. The Legal Aid system is therefore a means of providing support to people otherwise unable to afford legal representation.  Unfortunately in Nigeria, there is a wide gap between the rich and the poor, and people go through the (and in most cases undeserved) punishment of spending time behind bars for flimsy and un-justifiable reasons. We at Anchor Heritage have a strong desire to bridge that gap and have been given the mandate to secure the release of those who find themselves in such unfortunate circumstances and are unable to engage the services of a lawyer. For instance, IK was a victim of circumstance during a raid in the neighbourhood. Unfortunately he couldn’t reach anyone and after spending a few days in police custody he was remanded in prison pending hearing. IK has not been privy to a lawyer since his arrest neither has he been given a chance for fair hearing. He has been there for about 6 years.

Yes, there are many like this and much more, and Anchor Heritage is delighted to run with a vision of ensuring there is regained freedom and restored hope by integrating such people back into the society A few organizations, including the Legal Aid Council are currently trying to solve this problem and have been quite successful in their attempt at providing social justice for people. The question most people will therefore ask is – why join the race?

The answer is simple – To be amongst those who can bring a smile to the face of people, wipe a tear, make a difference, and give hope in hopeless situations. Statistics show that those who need legal assistance have definitely outnumbered the institutions that are willing to lend a hand. As such, Anchor Heritage is established to contribute its quota in the drive to improve and enhance access to justice.


There is an urgent need for reforms within the Nigerian prison system; In Lagos State, there is a staggering number of un-sentenced detainees.



The initiative is to work with lawyers across the thirty six states of the country under the direct supervision of the NGO. These lawyers will help through the interview process, negotiations (where applicable) and court proceedings.



Our mandate is to sieve out the most vulnerable - those arrested for minor misdemeanour and are awaiting trial- and find ways to secure their release and rehabilitation.

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